Sordevolo Wollen Mill

Manufacturing Cycle

Making quality professional in our hallmark throughout the production cycle. Our aim is to achieve and maintain a high standard of product quality to serve the market of haute couture, which is ever more demanding and in costant flux.

Making Quality Professional

We can only achieve that aim through careful attention to the design of our goods, constant and efficient monitoring of the individual processing stages and an effective flow of essential information to all our operatives. We aim to strike the right balance between the teamwork of trained staff, attentive to the needs of production, and technologically advanced equipment that enable us to keep pace with product innovation.

Fabric Design 

The design of the fabric is the engine of our work: thanks to the innovative fabrics and the study of detail we have been able to stand out and create a product of our own, unique in its kind. From the choice of colors to the creation of the fabric to CAD: quality is our strong point!

The research

The main point of the design is research. Research is based on our tradition.

Our historical archive is the main point of the research phase and our soul. By reinterpreting past collections and inspired by historical articles, we bring our present to life.

"The past and tradition are not to be forgotten, but to treasure it to make innovation."

Production Cycle

Yarn Dyed

Piece Dyed