About us

"Lanificio di Sordevolo" was founded in 1965 by commendatore Cesare Perino, a Knight Commander of the Italian Republic, who rebuilt the abandoned mill complex that once belonged to another famous old Biellese family, known as LANIFICI RIVETTI woollen mills situated in the village of Sordevolo in the hills surrounding Biella.

A family-run company

We are a small family-run company,
now in its third generation. 

The second generation is represented by Patrizia, Damiano and Paolo, sons of Cesare, who have carried on the company each in their sector.

Our History

He set out initially to manufacture from pure wool both woollen and worsted cloths for the drapery and clothing industries. Gradually, in the late 1970's, this aim altered and he became more focused on the clothing and fashion sector which at the time was accompanied by expansion into the markets of Northern Europe, Japan and the United States.

Our History

The product has been progressively adapted in line with the changing demands of both fashion and customers. Development has increasingly focused on special ultrafine wool yarns. Wool is still the basis of the Sordevolo production, but now accompanied by blends with cashmere, silk, linen, cotton as well as synthetic fibres such as viscose, nylon for "tecno" fabrics or to achieve special effects. In this way Sordevolo have become suppliers to top level customers prominent in the luxury "pret a porter" market.

Our History

The founders astute entrepreneurial flair, dedication and constant product development has made the company a watchword for quality and innivation in the market place. Lanificio di Sordevolo continue to be alert to technological advancements on the production front and responsive to trends in fashion.